The House of Sand and Fog

Before I begin on today’s entry I want you folks to head on over and see this Quicktime trailer for the film The Battle of Algiers. The film was banned in France upon its release and was screened for the Pentagon last year. This movie was made in 1965 and the story still holds true today. The film is being re-released in 2004; I consider this film one of the most important films ever made on a social issue .

Let’s open up the e-mailbag for another question from Holly in Des Moines, Iowa: “I noticed the title says ‘366 Days, 366 Movies’ do you plan on seeing 366 different individual movies or just 366 movies total.” My goal is definitely to see 366 individual movies in a public setting, however in Kevin Murphy’s book he did see some films again (most notably he saw Serendipity for a whole week with different women). Before I want to repeat a film I will try to see all the films in release before I repeat a film but sometimes if I’m in a crunch I will see the same film again.

Michael in Bordeaux, France writes: “Are you tired of cinema food yet?” Yes I am. My niece was popping some microwave popcorn the other day and I literally felt like throwing up. The smell of popcorn or even candy makes me nauseous. The only popcorn I can stand now is the ones served at any of the Landmark owned theatres because they don’t make me sick.

Brandon in Madison, Wisconsin asks: “I noticed you have a Regal Crown Club card. What is that?” A Regal Crown Club card looks like a credit or ATM card. When you buy your tickets you present the card to the ticket window, they swipe it and points are added to your account. The more points you accumulate the more free stuff you get like popcorn or soda and every 70 points you accumulate you get a free movie.

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