The Big Bounce

The groundhog came out of his tree stump and saw his shadow, I could kill that groundhog. The weather service was reporting heavy rainstorms and the Emergency Alert System went off two times today: one was for an APB on accused child killer Richard Tuite who escaped from Sheriff’s custody and the second was to watch out for mudslides and flash flooding in all of San Diego County. So with a psychopath on the loose and the possibility that we’d be flooded out I decided to seek shelter in the local multiplex to watch a horrible film.

The film I decided to see today was The Big Bounce; starring Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Sinise. When I told people what film I was going to see they all had the same response: “Wuh?” This film hardly got any publicity and the only way I found out about it was by watching the trailer.

Apparently no one else heard of this film either. It was me and two other people in the movie theatre. Hardcore Elmore Leonard fans I guess. But it could just as well been a private screening for me as one guy walked out halfway through the film and another guy kinda fell asleep (he was very old). Watching two of my fellow movie goers fall victim to a bad film I began to think about the two alerts today.

For those of you who don’t know who Richard Tuite is, he is the schizophrenic homeless drifter who is accused of killing Stephanie Crowe. I personally think that her brothers killed her but that’s just my opinion. You can read the story here about how he got away. Police were urging people to be on the lookout. If Tuite was smart he could easily have escaped to a movie theatre and see The Big Bounce without anyone seeing him.

Then I thought about the mudslides and the flood. Since the big firestorms charred most of San Diego County that whenever it rains, several mudslides happen. If a mudslide or a flood were to happen on the Edwards in San Marcos would anyone even be able to find me? They’d probably get all the survivors seeing The Butterfly Effect or Lord of the Rings in the other auditoriums. The rescue captain wouldn’t even bother searching in the auditoriums showing The Big Bounce or Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. A rookie would probably ask: “What about those auditoriums, captain?” “They’re dead. If the mudslide didn’t kill em, the movie probably did. The poor bastards.” I refuse to have the last film I see before I die be The Big Bounce, that’s like a celebrity making an awful film then kicking the bucket.

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