Something’s Gotta Give

Erik in Albuquerque, New Mexico writes: “When you go to the movies, what do you snack on, if you snack at all.” I know some theatre owners are going to hate this but I sneak in Post Shredded Wheat (non-frosted) and a bottle of water. For me it’s healthy and tasty. But I do buy popcorn and soda whenever I’m in the mood for it, but very rarely since I always get hit by the smell of popcorn when I walk into the lobby. If I’m at a Landmark theatre I always get the coffee and sometimes a pastry but always coffee. Surprisingly since I started this project I have lost weight rather than gained it! Screw the Atkins diet.

Leo in Vancouver, British Columbia writes: “You listed the 10 best films you’ve seen in 2003, what were the worst?” Since I’m a discriminating moviegoer I only go to films that I know I’ll love but there are times when I’m stuck watching a film that will make the baby Jesus cry. The worst films I have seen in 2003 are: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (original was better), Thirteen, In the Cut (walked out of it and got refund), Scary Movie 3, The Matrix Reloaded (didn’t even bother seeing Revolutions), Duplex, The Battle of Shaker Heights, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, Swimming Pool, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and Hulk. I know there are some other films that are just about as bad as the ones I listed but didn’t end up seeing them. But the ones I did list I saw them in the theatres because: a) a free movie ticket/screening, b) a friend paid, c) snuck in, d) poor judgment on my part, e) had to drag a nephew/niece to see it.

I’ll answer one more question at the end of this review, until then if you have a question just drop me an e-mail

I am amazed that I’m in the 27th day of this project and haven’t repeated a movie once. I’m hoping to see 366 individual movies this year. I have already planned this entire week out on what movie I want to see and where. It should prove interesting around the first week of February when I’m probably going to be forced to repeat a movie. Kevin Murphy in his book repeated movies, so it should be OK with me.

The movie for Tuesday’s entry is Something’s Gotta Give starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Two people recommended this movie to me (including KKSM Halftime Announcer Zach Stone) and said it was a hilarious romantic comedy. But there is just one problem: it is written and directed by Nancy Meyers, a screenwriter and director who with her husband Charles Shyer made some of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The last Shyer-Meyers movie I ever saw was I Love Trouble on HBO. I then watched the awful remake of The Parent Trap on the Disney Channel and knew from then on that the filmmaking team of Charles Shyer and Nancy Myers should be tried and convicted of crimes against humanity. Luckily it took six long blissful years before they made another film, proof that there is a God.

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