Every day that passes and after every screening this week I have been developing even more and more respect for Kevin Murphy. I read his book A Year at the Movies before I started this project to see how he coped with the daily experience of going to the movies. He should be saluted for being successful in his adventures around the globes and for never giving up. I write this because today I came damn near to blowing this project.

I spent Thursday doing errands: I had letters and packages to send at the post office, had a business meeting, contacted the new on-air personalities of KKSM regarding their shift, and upgraded my cell phone. It was a sad thing seeing my cell phone go. My cell phone was bad ass because it got run over by a car, accidentally dropped from a six story building, and chewed up by my dog and it still worked. And unlike other cell phones where it looks like people are talking to their hands, my cell phone was like a black tumor protruding out as to proclaim: “I am on a cell phone and not talking to myself.” But I had to let it go and upgrade it to this tiny silver one that flips. I hate change.

Well the cell phone upgrade took two hours to do (damn you cell phone kiosk guy at the mall!!!) and it was at the mall. So that blew my morning as afterwards I went to Cinnabon and Waldenbooks. Then I went off to an afternoon meeting and then from there my postal errands. It was around 3PM by this time, I still had time to do more stuff before I see a movie. It was off to KKSM to do some work and then afterwards get a bite to eat.

7:00 PM. I still had time, I’m still in San Marcos and I’ll just go get some evening pancakes at the Denny’s just down the way from the Edwards. No problem it should be about a half hour and I’ll be in time for any movie that’s playing. Table for one, I’ll have toast, pancakes, and coffee. Thanks.

While munching on my toast and slurping my coffee I was going over some paperwork and writing notes. I soon finished my pancakes and toast, and was sipping on my third cup of coffee when I noticed my watch: 9:00PM. Better leave. But wait! Oh crap! I forgot to drop off the invoice for our paid program! He’s on Thursday nights at the station from 7:00PM until 10:00PM, and the station is just an eight minute drive from where I am! Away!

Luckily I didn’t run into any traffic when I drove back to the station and handed the paid program their invoice. I quickly drove back in the other direction and made it to the Edwards cinema in time to catch. D’oh! What am I going to see? I have become the thing I hate the most: people who go to the movies, walk up to the box office, and don’t know what the hell to see!!!

I quickly scanned the marquee to see what was playing. Lemme see, aha! Paycheck is playing! Why not? One for Paycheck, please!

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